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将您的音乐愿景变为现实。使用 Samplitude Music Studio 软件开始您的音乐制作。使用强大、灵活和创造性的选项轻松创作、录制、混音和掌握您的歌曲。使用创新工具和面向对象的工作流程来创建复杂的安排。从广泛的基本声音工具中进行选择,为舞台准备您的歌曲。探索 Samplitude 音乐工作室。音乐所需的一切。

使用 Music Studio 的三大理由


使用各种虚拟乐器以及各种流派的声音和循环来创作旋律。为您的曲目奠定基础并微调您的安排。使用插件专用浏览器扩展重新发现插件集合的全部潜力 – 非常适合快速访问正确的声音。

当音乐对您来说最重要时,Music Studio 就是您所需要的。使用音频专业人士专门开发的详细工具体验高效的工作流程和工作。


Bring your musical vision to life. Kick-start your music production with Samplitude Music Studio software. Use powerful, flexible and creative options to easily compose, record, mix, and master your songs. Use innovative tools and object-oriented workflows to create complex arrangements. Choose from a wide selection of essential sound tools to prepare your songs for the stage. Discover Samplitude Music Studio. Everything you need for your music.

Three great reasons for using Music Studio

One of a kind editing
Cut and arrange your recordings easily and efficiently. Each clip can be assigned its own plug-ins, EQ and time/pitch settings in the object editor, which reduces the number of tracks and makes automation easier. Plus, the dockable mixer provides quick access to all of the important elements in your project.

Musical diversity
Compose melodies using a wide range of virtual instruments, as well as sounds and loops from various genres. Build a foundation for your tracks and fine-tune your arrangements. Rediscover the full potential of your plug-in collection with the dedicated browser extension for plug-ins – perfect for accessing the right sound, fast.

Built with performance in mind
When the music is what matters most to you, Music Studio is all you need. Experience highly efficient workflows and work using detailed tools exclusively developed by audio professionals.