HiDERA | 26 May 2020 | 726MB

这是我们的第二个样品包,由Djore Nance领导的“拼接福音合唱团”进行。 他以书面和弦进行的方式为四位歌手现场指挥和安排了声乐部分。 此包中的主唱是Chenee Campbell,Jhetti Lashley,Rasul A-Salaam McPherson和Djore Nance。 您会发现各种各样的人声和声,即兴演奏,即兴演奏等。

我们的第一支合唱团《 Spirit + Soul》以经典的合唱团和声为重点,本届会议则提供了现代风味。 我们首先用doo-wop的色调捕获经典灵魂和R&B的声音,然后通过声音设计和处理将它们提升到一个新的水平。 结果,这些样本可用于任何现代R&B,未来灵魂,嘻哈或流行歌曲。

This is our second sample pack with the Splice Gospel Choir led by Djore Nance. He conducted and arranged vocal parts for four singers on the spot with written chord progressions. The vocalists heard on this pack are Chenee Campbell, Jhetti Lashley, Rasul A-Salaam McPherson, and Djore Nance. You’ll find a wide variety of vocal harmonies, adlibs, riffs, and more.

While our first pack with the choir, Spirit + Soul, focused on classic choir harmonies, this session offers modern flavor. We first captured sounds of classic soul and R&B with tinges of doo-wop, then took them to the next level with sound design and processing. As a result, these samples are production-ready for any modern R&B, future soul, hip hop, or trap song.