新版本的 ETHERA,我们喜爱电影的声乐乐器,包括由克拉拉 Sorace,和许多新功能和改进的全新声乐样品技嘉 !向下滚动列表中的所有新功能。

现有 Ethera 业主请注意︰ 业主的以前版本的 Ethera (版本 1.0 或 1.1) 购买了它直接从零 G 可以购买到 ETHERA 2.0 升级为只是 $14.99-更多的信息在这里。如果你不是从零 G 购买 Ethera 直接你以前的版本,在第一时间请联系您的供应商询问购买升级。如果您的供应商是不能提供这还包括您的原始 Ethera 购买 (购买收据) 证明复印件的电子邮件,我们然后可以方便购买的 Ethera 2.0 从自己升级价格低。

ETHERA 是惊人电影声带仪器 * *,结合了令人惊异的声音样本,令人难以置信的简单和高度可玩性都打包到一个美丽的开播界面总易用性的使用和最终利用声音操纵。
The NEW version of ETHERA, our much-loved Cinematic Vocal Instrument, includes a GIGABYTE of entirely new vocal samples performed by Clara Sorace, and numerous new features and improvements! Scroll down for a list of all the new features.

Existing Ethera owners please note: Owners of the previous version of Ethera (version 1.0 or 1.1) who purchased it direct from Zero-G can purchase an Upgrade to ETHERA 2.0 for just $14.99 – more info HERE. If you did not purchase your previous version of Ethera direct from Zero-G, in the first instance please contact your supplier to enquire about purchasing an upgrade. If your supplier is unable to provide this yet, email us at including a copy of proof of your original Ethera purchase (purchase receipt) and we can then facilitate purchase of Ethera 2.0 from ourselves at the low upgrade price.

ETHERA is a stunning cinematic vocal instrument** that combines amazing vocal samples, incredible simplicity and a high degree of playability all packed into a beautiful Kontakt interface for total ease-of use and ultimate sound manipulation.