P2P | 1 December 2021 | 11.84 GB

Key Suite Electric 是制作基于样本的乐器 20 多年的成果,旨在成为您的荒岛电子键盘库。享受大量深度采样和完美录制的乐器,其音质和控制水平只有在专业录音室才能找到。 Key Suite Electric 拥有 7 个类别的 63 种乐器,提供令人难以置信的选择,包括多种经典风格和许多罕见且以前不可用的键盘。将其与全面的预设选择、流线型的用户界面和专业级效果架相结合,您就拥有了终极电键套件。

Key Suite Electric 中的每一种乐器都有自己独特的风味,从在指尖下弯曲的柔和而有延展性的音色到闪闪发光的音叉,再到温暖的模拟贝司。每个经过仔细评估、维修和试听的 Key Suite Electric 都提供一流的电键系列,从录音室和舞台的标志性时代乐器(如 Rhodes 和 CP-70),到更不起眼的电键乐器(如 Davoli 和 Denon)钢琴。你会发现你熟悉和喜爱的经典,以及富有个性和声音细节的新声音。

我们不遗余力地创建最优质的录音和最可靠的引擎。应用我们在该领域 20 多年的经验,您会立即听到不同之处,从麦克风、布局、转换器和处理方面的知识选择,到深度多重采样和精确编辑的自然响应,我们一直努力确保 Key Suite Electric 从一开始就提供“那种”声音。

伟大的乐器和录音只是开始,我们通过 Key Suite Electric 创建了一个库,不仅提供忠实的声音,而且提供快速灵活的界面,可以以您需要的任何方式对其进行雕刻。我们甚至还包括一个带有脉冲响应处理器、多频段均衡器、数字延迟、多模式调制和混响的专业级效果器,这样您就可以在不需要额外插件的情况下发挥创意。开始使用精心制作的工厂预设,轻松调整它们以适合您的混音,或将它们分层以创建您自己的自定义混合乐器!


The essential electric keys collection
The result of over 20 years in making sample-based instruments, Key Suite Electric was designed to be your desert-island electric keyboard library. Enjoy a wealth of deeply-sampled and immaculately recorded instruments with a level of sound quality and control you’d only expect to find in a professional recording studio. With 63 instruments in 7 categories Key Suite Electric delivers an incredible selection including multiple flavors of the classics and a number of rare and previously unavailable keyboards. Combine it all with a comprehensive selection of presets, a streamlined user interface, and a pro-grade effect rack, and you have the ultimate suite of electric keys.

Exceptional instruments with real character
Each instrument in Key Suite Electric has its own unique flavor, from soft and malleable tones that bend under your fingertips to shimmering tines, and warm analog basses. Each carefully evaluated, serviced, and auditioned, Key Suite Electric delivers a premier collection of electric keys, from iconic era instruments of the studio and stage such as the Rhodes and CP-70, to the more obscure electric key instruments like the Davoli and Denon Piano. You’ll find the classics you know and love and inspiring new sounds rich in character and sonic detail.

Deeply-sampled with the finest equipment
We’ve gone the distance to create the finest quality recordings and most reliable engine possible. Applying our 20+ years experience in the field you’ll hear the difference right away, from the knowledgeable choices in microphones, placement, converters and processing, to the natural response from deep multisampling and precision editing, we’ve worked hard to ensure Key Suite Electric delivers ‘that’ sound right from the start.

Professional sound at your fingertips
Great instruments and recordings are only the beginning, with Key Suite Electric we’ve created a library that delivers not only faithful sound but a fast and flexible interface for sculpting it in any way you need. We’ve even included a professional-grade effect rack with impulse response processor, multi-band EQ, digital delay, multimode modulation, and reverb so that you can get creative without the need for additional plugins. Get started with the finely crafted factory presets and easily tweak them to fit your mix, or layer them to create your own custom, hybrid instruments!