这款经典钢琴最受欢迎的版本的真实再现。 Mark II(1980)以16个速度水平采样了整个持续时间。 Mark II钢琴以其模块化的动作和Schaller尖齿而著称,与早期型号相比,声音有所不同。炼狱溪声ware Mark II(1980)很好地捕捉了原著的音调。

An authentic recreation of probably the most popular version of this classic piano. The Mark II (1980) was sampled at 16 velocity levels for full duration. The Mark II piano was noted for its modular action and Schaller tines, which give it a different sound than the earlier models. The Purgatory Creek Soundware Mark II (1980) beautifully captures the tone of the original.
The instrument was sampled at 16 velocity levels for full duration, providing an accurate sound with no artificial decay envelopes or sample loops. Nearly every note of the piano was sampled and eight velocity layers of note-off release samples are included. The instrument uses 46MB of RAM and requires 760MB of free disk space.
You will find a three-band equalizer, volume for the release samples and a velocity curve dialog box which allows the user to adjust the instrument to respond to touch. In addition, each has controls for the stereo vibrato, phaser and reverb effects. Finally, a number of amp simulations are provided.