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…… ::::::: CONCEPT :::::: ……
作为我们广受欢迎的Mini Tools系列的新增产品,London Boyd以极低的成本提供了令人难以置信的声音。我们坚信具有如此悠久历史和音乐性的乐器应该可以在任何地方任何人使用。


在英国乡村中心一间私密的客厅录制,我们专注于捕捉伦敦·博伊德的自然共鸣角色。使用高质量的麦克风,例如AKG C414和DPA 4060,我们不仅要记录钢琴的音调质量,还要记录其机械质量。为此,我们将DPA 4060麦克风放置在离锤子和琴键非常近的地方,以重现坐在钢琴前的感觉,并聆听细腻的质感,将其真正栩栩如生。

……:::::: 产品规格 ::::::……
•格式:Native Instruments Kontakt
•16个独特的Native Instruments Kontakt预设
•Windows / Mac兼容
•要求:Native Instruments Kontakt v5.5.2 +或更高版本。


……:::::: OVERVIEW ::::::……
Introducing London Boyd – 1920’s Upright, a new upright piano library from Sonixinema. This charming piano adorned the halls of some of London’s finest establishments for the best part of a century.It’s characterful and intimate timbre resonates with the history that precedes it, which is what inspired us to capture the sound in this one of a kind virtual instrument. With a wonderfully rich and earthy tone, each note contains unparalled expression which is perfect for creating a sophisticated and emotional sound within a few key strokes.


……:::::: CONCEPT ::::::……
As a new addition to our popular Mini Tools range, London Boyd provides an incredible sound at a fraction of the cost. We truly believe that an instrument with this much history and musicality should be available to anyone, anywhere.To get you started, we have created 16 presets which range from warm and intimate, to broken and quirky. These have been designed to provide instant inspiration and allow you to spend your time creating great music. In addition to this, we have provided a selection of effects such as delay, reverb, distortion and other sound shaping parametres to allow maximum control over the sound you want to create.Recorded in an intimate live room in the heart of the English countryside, we focused on capturing London Boyd’s naturally resonant character. Using high quality microphones such as AKG C414’s and DPA 4060’s, we wanted to record not only the piano’s tonal qualities but also it’s mechanical qualities. To achieve this, we placed the DPA 4060 microphones extremely close to the hammers and keys in order to recreate the feeling of sitting infront of a piano and hearing the delicate textures that truly bring it to life. 

……:::::: Product Specifications ::::::……
• Format: Native Instruments Kontakt
• 16 x Unique Native Instruments Kontakt Presets
• 3 Microphone Positions
• User Friendly Interface And Onboard Effects
• 4.5GB Of Space Required 2.5GB Compressed
• Windows/Mac Compatible
• Requirements: Native Instruments Kontakt v5.5.2+ or higher.