Cockos REAPER 6.60 (x64) Portable| 20.3 MB

REAPER 是一个数字音频工作站。它是一个完整的多轨音频和 MIDI 录音、编辑、处理、混音和母带环境。使用您当前的计算机而不使用其他软件,您可以导入任何音频和 MIDI、合成、采样、作曲、排列、编辑、混合和主控歌曲或任何其他音频项目。

REAPER 将您的计算机转换为任何顶级录音棚的全部功能。它将支持几乎所有现有的音频接口。即使是由其软件不允许您使用任何其他硬件接口的公司制造的接口。

REAPER 没有轨道类型、总线、工具或离线处理。如果你想创建一个鼓总线,只需在鼓轨道上方添加一个轨道,然后按下文件夹按钮。鼓将自动发送到文件夹。一旦您将鼓电平和 FX 调整到您想要的位置,您就可以记录文件夹的输出以非破坏性地冻结鼓并继续前进。

– 便携 – 支持从 USB 密钥或其他可移动媒体运行
– 64 位音频引擎
– 出色的低延迟性能
– 多处理器能力
– 直接将多轨录音转换为多种格式,包括 WAV/BWF/W64、AIFF、WavPack、FLAC、OGG 和 MIDI。
– 极其灵活的路由
– 快速、无需工具的编辑
– 支持广泛的硬件(几乎任何音频接口、外置硬件、许多控制界面)
– 支持 VST、VSTi、DX、DXi 效果
– ReaPlugs:高品质 64 位效果套件
– 编码紧密 – 安装程序只有 2MB 以上

REAPER is a digital audio workstation. It is a complete multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering environment. Using your current computer and no other software, you can import any audio and MIDI, synthesize, sample, compose, arrange, edit, mix, and master songs or any other audio projects.

If you add a hardware audio interface of your choice (AD/DA: analog-to-digital/ digital-to-analog) and a microphone, you have a complete recording studio. It is suitable for recording anything from a soloist to a band to an orchestra.
REAPER converts your computer into the full power of any top-of-the-line recording studio. It will support almost any existing audio interface. Even interfaces manufactured by companies whose software does not allow you to use any other hardware interface.

REAPER doesn’t have track types, busses, tools, or offline processing. If you want to create a drum bus, simply add a track above the drum tracks and press the folder button. The drums will automatically send to the folder. Once you get the drum levels and FX tweaked right where you want them, you can record the folder’s output to non-destructively freeze the drums and move on.

Basic features:
– Portable – supports running from USB keys or other removable media
– 64 bit audio engine
– Excellent low-latency performance
– Multiprocessor capable
– Direct multi-track recording to many formats including WAV/BWF/W64, AIFF, WavPack, FLAC, OGG, and MIDI.
– Extremely flexible routing
– Fast, tool-less editing
– Supports a wide range of hardware (nearly any audio interface, outboard hardware, many control surfaces)
– Support for VST, VSTi, DX, DXi effects
– ReaPlugs: high quality 64 bit effect suite
– Tightly coded – installer is just over 2MB

Editing features:
– Tool-less mouse interface — spend less time clicking
– Drag and drop files to instantly import them into a project
– Support for mixing any combination of file type/samplerate/bit depth on each track
– Easily split, move, and resize items
– Each item has easily manipulated fades and volume
– Tab to transient support
– Configurable and editable automatic crossfading of overlapping items
– Per-item pitch shift and time stretch
– Arbitrary item grouping
– Markers and envelopes can be moved in logical sync with editing operations
– Ripple editing – moving/deletion of items can optionally affect later items
– Multiple tempos and time signatures per project
– Ability to define and edit project via regions
– Automation envelopes