File Size : 97 MB
我们制作了第一台Studio-Grade Melodica。 添加了一层脚本,我们重新创建了真实乐器的表现力,包括释放速度,噪音,按键声,空气声和机械性能。 同时,我们也将它设为双耳式,以提高真实感。 听演示以了解Melox Pro的功能。

Melox Pro is perfect for soloing and also for chord playing. We fine-tuned it until it sounds like no other one. Perfect tuning, fast attack, expressive releases and no chasis vibration.

– Native 64 bits.
– Binaural option.
– Small footprint (~250mb installed)
– VST/AU/Standalone versions included
– PC (64bits and 32bits) and MAC
– No 3rd. party activation or extra software needed
– Vibrato controlable via CC
– Stage reverb
– Noises/air/releses on-off switch

Whats New :
First Release