Spitfirе Audio Producer Portfolio Gwilym Simcock Felt Piano KONTAKT | 8.54 Gb

Gwilym Simcock Felt Piano是Spitfire Audio出品的一款立式钢琴音源,全称为Spitfire Audio Producer Portfolio Gwilym Simcock Felt Piano。这款钢琴的最大特点就是“柔和”,几乎可以说是我用过的钢琴音源中最柔和的一个。

Gwilym Simcock Felt Piano作为Producer Portfolio系列中的一款,延续了前代作品一贯的设计风格,还是采用了非常紧凑但是精致的界面设计。Producer Portfolio作为Spitfire Audio的产品,自然少不了喷火对于音质的执着追求。Gwilym Simcock Felt Piano在伦敦的极佳的Air录音棚中录制了一架立式钢琴,但是不同于一般立式钢琴的是,它没有普通立式钢琴的强烈的回馈,一切都遵循“柔和”的初始定位。

Gwilym Simcock Felt Piano总共具有6个话筒位,但是只有近场和远场。每个话筒位都从不同的方位采集了钢琴的声音。Gwilym Simcock Felt Piano很罕见地具有4×Round Robin,这就使得Midi演奏钢琴更加人性化。并且Gwilym Simcock Felt Piano具有动态和情感调解功能,在柔和的基础上又拓展了抒情的特点。Gwilym Simcock Felt Piano具有两个力度层,为了最好地还原真实钢琴,Gwilym Simcock Felt Piano特别录制了踩踏板、不踩踏板、短音三种模式,还很独特地具有自动固定音功能,方便自动和音。

Why be a jack of all trades when you can be a master of one? It is this sentiment and reason why we have searched high and low for the most sensitive, beautiful, sonorous, and honest piano sound. Perfect for those delicate ballads (think “Mad World” by Gary Jules) that intimate heart rendering cue (think Newman’s “American Beauty”). When carrying out sampling experiments some years ago we discovered the very beautiful world of an upright piano with a middle “practice felt” or “celeste” pedal engaged.

Whilst being hard to get a decent sound out of (strange to play a piano loudly and have a muted soft sound come out), when it rang, boy did it produce the most beautifully unsophisticated but gentle and touching sound. This became our “soft piano” available in return for a small donation to Unicef as part of our Labs range. Which we have received many plaudits for. Christian Henson, on putting this library through it’s paces for some years now went on a quest to find the perfect “celeste” pedal piano he could find. His quest ended at Peregrines pianos on the Grays Inn Road in London. Purveyors of fine hand made uprights and grands.

Spitfirе built a room around this new piano in our HQ in Kings Cross a perfect environment to record instruments for our “Producer Portfolio” range – dedicated to providing producers, song writers and composers with raw untreated instruments in a neutral space to make their own. This piano has been performed by Mercury Award nominee Gwilym Simcock and has been recorded Joe Rubel and the Spitfirе team with a number of rarefied microphones in a number of perspectives via neve pre-amps and Cranesong AD converters at 96k. From the almost vintage sound of a mono sound board mic to a beautiful natural surround perspective of the room itself. Most celeste pedals allow for only one dynamic layer but this piano is more responsive than others so not only did we record several round robins, we recorded 2 dynamic layers, release triggers and round robin pedal damping and releasing.

9.47GB of lossless compressed data from 21GB of 48k samples (down-sampled from 96k).

Windows 7 (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit), Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)

Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 or 10.8 (latest update), Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)