Team DECiBEL | 15 Mar 2020 | 4.31GB



延续Strezov Sampling精品店的Performers系列,侧重于用传统的多重采样方法无法创造的精美音乐表演,“ Mountain Girl”将所有人带回到保加利亚的民俗根源,并允许他们在Rhodope之后再次访问我国独特的女性喉咙歌唱2的成功。在Sofia Session Studio中录制,然后混合到三个麦克风位置(Close,Decca和Hall)。

所有表演都封装在一个全新的基于NI Kontakt的引擎中,使用户可以根据自己的喜好自由映射所有乐句和乐句的音乐部分,从而创造出超越知名布局的新组合。


An extensive phrase based collection of breathtaking vocal solo performances put together with special focus on maximum flexibility and usability for composers and producers. Recorded at various tempi and on wholetone scale within one octave. Comes with open .wav files for import into the DAW or Sampler of your choice.

The Performers – Virtuosic performances at your fingertips

Continuing Strezov Sampling’s boutique The Performers series, focusing on virtuosic musical performances not possible to create with traditional multisampling methods, “Mountain Girl” brings everyone back to the roots of Bulgarian folklore and allows them to access our country’s unique female throat singing once more after Rhodope 2’s success. Recorded in the Sofia Session Studio and later mixed down to three mic positions (Close, Decca and Hall).

All performances are wrapped together in a brandnew NI Kontakt based engine allowing the user to freely map all phrases and musical parts of phrases to their liking, thus creating new combinations beyond the well known layouts.

In order to ensure maximum usability and flexibility all performances were recorded with click at various tempi and on wholetone scale within one octave. You are not limited to certain tempi or keys with this collection. In addition to that, The Performers – Mountain Girl also comes with open .wav files to import all performances into the DAW or sampler of your choice.