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风之声:康妮是我们模块化女声独唱系列风之声的第四卷。每卷都专注于一位具有独特创作风格的新歌手,并配有一整套重要的半音和旋律发音,听起来很棒,并且在您遇到的任何音乐或视频制作项目中都可以轻松方便地使用。此版本的重点是康妮·杜兰 (Connie Doolan) 清脆活泼的女中音嗓音。她欢快、柔滑、优美的声乐性格毫不费力地融合了爵士、歌舞、民谣、蓝调、流行和音乐剧的声乐风格。

这个 2.88 GB 的库包括超过 3,300 个样本,具有延音、断奏(8 倍循环)和真正的连奏半音发音,用于 6 个核心元音:Ah、Eh、Ee、Mm、Oh 和 Oo。它还包括超过一千个现场动态、旋律乐句,按情绪、基调和节奏组织。这个庞大的现场乐句集合分为 100bpm 和 140bpm 速度,分别用于明亮和黑暗类别,以及特殊的 120bpm 嗡嗡声类别。我们还包括 20 个声音设计的自定义 FX 和环境预设,以扩展您的创意调色板。所有这些都汇集在一个完整、高效和深度精炼的半音法工具箱中,以及带有速度同步和关键选项的强大旋律元素,所有这些都内置在一个灵活、功能齐全的用户界面中。

Voice Of Wind: Connie is the fourth volume in our modular female solo vocal series Voices of Wind. Each volume focuses on a new vocalist with a distinct creative style and comes complete with a full package of vital chromatic and melodic articulations that sound great and are easy and convenient to use in any music or video production project that comes your way. This edition focuses on the crisp and spirited mezzo-soprano voice of Connie Doolan. Her cheerful, silky, and polished vocal character effortlessly fuses jazz, cabaret, folk, blues, pop, and musical theater vocal styles.

This 2.88 GB library includes over 3,300 samples, featuring sustain, staccato (8x round-robin) and true legato chromatic articulations for 6 core vowels: Ah, Eh, Ee, Mm, Oh and Oo. It also includes over a thousand live dynamic, melodic phrases organized by mood, key and tempo. This huge collection of live phrases are divided into 100bpm and 140bpm tempos for both Bright and Dark categories, as well as a special 120bpm Hummed category. We’ve also included 20 sound-designed custom FX and ambient presets to expand your creative palette. It all comes together in a complete, efficient and deeply-refined toolbox of chromatic articulations and powerful melodic elements with tempo-syncing and key options, all built into a flexible, full-featured user interface.