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施坦威 D 型三角钢琴
Concert Grand 是施坦威 D 型三角钢琴的多重采样复制品。它具有丰富而温暖的音色,以及广泛的可播放动态范围,将表演的每一个细微差别都与自然环境中的观众联系起来。


用户界面旨在让您快速访问基本的混音功能,以及各种精心设计的音色塑造增强功能 – 使乐器的特性可以轻松地根据您的作品进行定制。

请注意:加载本乐器需要完整版的 Kontakt 5.5.2 或更高版本。它仅适用于 Kontakt Player 的演示模式。订购前请确保您拥有正确版本的 Kontakt。



4 个立体声麦克风位置


锤子:一对 SM57 动圈话筒直接位于锤子上方,从玩家的角度来看,它会产生强烈的攻击力。
关闭:一对 Neumann TLM103 电容器在琴弦上间隔开,以捕捉音板和琴弦的整体和清晰度。
远处:AEA R-88 立体声带式麦克风在几英尺外带来温暖而温柔的性格。
环境:一对 AKG C414 全向电容话筒在场地中间隔很远,以在这个美丽的礼堂中拾取自然反射。


Steinway Model-D grand piano
The Concert Grand is a multi-sampled reproduction of a Steinway Model-D grand piano. It has a rich and warm tone, and a wide playable dynamic range that relates every nuance of the performance to its audience in a natural environment.

The character of any piano is intrinsically linked to the venue where it is played, and this instrument was designed to capture the sound of that real performance in a real space – while keeping it versatile enough to use in any style of music.

The UI has been designed to give you quick access to fundamental mixing features, as well as a variety of carefully crafted tone shaping enhancements – allowing the character of the instrument to be easily tailored to your production.

Please Note: The full version of Kontakt 5.5.2 or above is required to load this instrument. It will only work in Demo Mode in Kontakt Player. Please ensure you have the correct version of Kontakt before ordering.



5 dynamic layers
4 stereo microphone positions
Built-in IR reverb
Specially designed scripts for tone shaping controls

Microphone positions:

Hammers: A pair of SM57 dynamic mics directly over the hammers produce a hard attack from the players perspective.
Close: A pair of Neumann TLM103 condensers spaced out over the strings to capture the full body and clarity of the soundboard and strings.
Distant: An AEA R-88 stereo ribbon mic brings a warm and gentle character from a few feet away.
Ambient: A pair of AKG C414 omnidirectional condenser mics spaced far out in the venue to pick up the natural reflections in this beautiful auditorium.